Goodbye Grandpa

This is a Poem I wrote back in 4th grade, I felt like putting it out there.

I think back to a time.
My grandpa and I played games.
We went for rides with no destination in mind
And often thought the same.
When I came home from school
I’d say, ?Hi Grandpa?

When I was younger, under seven,
My grandpa and I spent time together
We’d watch TV or he’d watch me
While mom was working.
When I came in from playing outside,
I’d Say ?Hi Grandpa?

Remembering how my grandpa left me
Makes me feel sadness
I can’t remember his exact looks
But I know he had no hair
I felt happy when he was near
And now I feel dread and fear
Because he is not here
?Goodbye Grandpa.?

By Michael R. Lantz

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