Setting up a Web Server on CentOS 7

Setting up a Web Server on CentOS 7

So, when setting up our family Web Server and Web-page I was trying to figure out what to put on it and one thing I found was how to setup a web server. At first, I thought why would someone do that, well after three installs of the OS and Setting up everything multiple times I came to the conclusion that might be a good idea. So, over the next couple of weeks I will go through all the things I did to setup my Web Server.

This will include Installing CentOS 7 for the Operating system. Also for managing the server we will install GNOME Desktop, setup SSH and VNC to connect to the server and setup SFTP for file transfer. Once we have a way to connect to the server we will setup a LAMP, this will include Apache, PHP7, MySQL, and phpMyAdmin to work with MySQL. With all that being setup we can then skip to just setting up word press for a single site server or you can do what I have done and setup my server as a Virtual server. This means I could setup as many domains as I wanted and host them all on one server. This cuts the cost of having multiple Physical machine’s. Along with setting up a website people want to keep thing secure so then we will talk about setting up HTTPS and Securing the website with Lets Encrypt a free SSL Certificate company to protect your site.

Before I go any farther I do want to say I do not guarantee these steps will work for everyone, because what I did may not be what someone else wants to do exactly or as the old saying goes “There is more than one way to skin a cat”, there is more than one way to setup a server. Like I said I Reinstalled the OS 3 times because I found things that could not be changed after it was installed. Also, what I post now in a year or so may not work because as everything computers goes, things change, as software gets updated links may change or software may change as updates come out.

A little about my server just so you know what I am working with, it is a Virtual client running on a Virtual Sever, the client has 2 CPU’s, 6MB RAM, 3TB Virtual Disk Space, the server has 1GB Ethernet up-link. I know it seems a little over kill in some areas and under in others but that’s the nice thing with it being Virtualized I can change any of those settings without having to reinstall the OS.

Also just so everyone knows all my data did come from a cluster of other webpages, like I said there are many ways of doing this, this was just the steps I took to doing it so don’t take what I say as the Bible on doing this. Most of my info came from two webpages they are Digital Ocean and How To Forge, along with many others, but primarily those two. If you cant follow what I have done Follow those two first and build off of those.

Below I will list again what we will be doing and in order so it’s a little easier to read, and you can see what each post will cover when I do them. I will be start posting the steps over the next few weeks, and thanks for reading. Also if you have any questions or comments let me know. I will be happy to answer them to the best of my ability.


  • Install / Setup CentOS 7.0
  • Install / Setup OpenSSh and SFTP
  • Install / Setup GNOME Desktop and VNC Remote Access
  • Install / Setup LAMP (Apache, PHP, and MySQL) and phpMyAdmin
  • Setup WordPress
  • Setup Apache Virtual Hosts / Multiple WordPress Site’s
  • Setup HTTPS / Lets Encrypt

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